Uber-Project Management

Are there reasonable or theological parameters to planning?  God gave us a brain, after all, and the ability to organize our thoughts and our actions to a certain extent (not as much as we like to think, in my opinion!).  I’m never in favor of ignoring our brains completely, though I’m often suspicious of relying on them too extensively.

So what to think about the recent report that it may not be possible to forecast menopause?  
Not everyone is convinced that this is actually possible – at least with any level of reliability.  But assuming that it is reliable, or will be, is this a good thing?  Some have compared the possibility of this sort of information with cholesterol tests and other attempts to indicate potential issues in the future.  But is knowing that you have a propensity to higher cholesterol really equivalent to this?  
I tend to think not.  But I’d be curious to hear what others think on this.  Harmless or beneficial information?  Or problematic on a theological if not physiological level?  

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