Odds & Ends

A few minor things that caught my eye in the past week or so…

I can’t wait to see Amnesty International’s take on the European Union’s commissioner for enterprise and industry’s assertion that international vacations are a right international vacations are a right that everyone should have that everyone should have.  
Another wonderful example of the growing inability to understand that policies aren’t personal, and that the world does not have to indulge your whimsical desires.  Neither does Disneyland Paris.  
A while back I wrote about someone claiming Jediism as a religion.  I ran across this related article related article a few weeks ago.  I find it particularly galling that the guy has the nerve to admit that he only took up the ‘religion’ of Jediism a short time earlier so that he could wear hoods.  It’s pretty pathetic when this sort of silliness warrants an official apology.  It reduces the importance of the real diversity and makes a mockery of it.  
Is it ever ok to pray for someone to die?  It sounds like an easy question at first, though apparently to some folks apparently to some folks it’s a little less cut-and-dried.  It’s tempting to say that it’s ok to pray for *some* people to die, with the argument shifting from the overall morality of the question to the specifics of determining what people are eligible to be prayed for in this manner.  After all, some might say, wouldn’t it have been acceptable for people to pray for Hitler to die?  No, it wouldn’t have – at least not for Christians.  It’s a minor issue with the fifth commandment (thou shalt not kill) and how Jesus extended the reach of the commandments from external action to internal motivation or desires (Matthew 5:21-30).  We can – and should! – pray that someone be delivered from error by the Holy Spirit, that their actions and understandings might be brought more in to line with Scripture.  But praying that they die?  Not an option – Biblically speaking.
Are you tired of people who swear in public?  Who don’t care who’s nearby – children, nuns, anybody?  Maybe you should consider moving to Galveston County, Texas Maybe you should consider moving to Galveston County, Texas.  
That’s all for now, folks.  

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