I Feel Bad for Chuckling…

With all due acknowledgment to the many people who are adversely affected by the situation with the volcano in Iceland pretty much grounding all air travel in Europe – I know this must be very, very frustrating and/or damaging to lots of people.  I empathize with their frustration, and pray for swift resolution to whatever issues this unexpected turn of events has caused.

However, I can’t help but chuckle.  We’re an amazing creation, humankind.  We’re also pretty confident about how things are and how they ought to be and how they’re going to be.  I find it a healthy reminder that in an age when so much is possible, it’s good to remember that something as simple as a volcano in pretty much the middle of nowhere can demonstrate exactly how little control we have over our world and our lives. 

A good reminder for all of us, all of the time.  Towards that end, I found this post just too fantastic not to include here .  This is the God I fear and love.  I place my life in His hands because that is what I was created to do, and because despite my petty pretensions to the contrary, I have no other choice.  I am always in His hands.  And I know that regardless of the results of my life, no matter what it might look like to someone on the outside, I know that I can trust this dangerous God to love me as only He can and will – with a love that sacrificed His own Son so that I might live. 

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