Random Health Links

I ran across these a little while ago. 

One article talks about how they’re suspecting that the acids in many fruit juices leach out higher concentrations of the icky chemicals in the plastic bottles.  Meaning it’s even less healthy for the little ones than they already are (high concentration of sugar, etc.). 

The other article notes some changes in the way that food packagers in the US will be able (or not) to label something as organic.  Just as another reminder that you can’t believe everything you read on a food label, before you reach for that extra-pricey package of ‘organic’ meat, note that previously, such a label just meant that the animal had ‘access’ to pasture.  Now it means that 1/3 of their diet has to come from grazing and that they must be grazing on pasture for at least 1/3 of the year.  

Makes you wonder how ‘organic’ the other 2/3 of the year and the other 2/3 of their feed is. 

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