No Effect?

For those who wish to assert that the legalization of gay marriage doesn’t (or won’t) have any impact on anyone else in our society, I would like to point out that actually, there are very real effects on very real people who have nothing to do with homosexuality – marriage or otherwise.  

Is this just blackmail?  Play by my rules or else I’m taking my ball and going home.  We would generally decry that simplistic response as being immature and potentially devastating both in actual human lives as well as on a philosophical and theological level.  I’m sure that there are people who would see this move by Catholic Charities as exactly that.  A willingness to put very vulnerable lives at risk rather than work with the times. 

Of course, the same argument could be made against those who have pushed for the legalization of gay marriage.  Understanding that such actions would force some organizations to withdraw services rather than change core ideological beliefs that have existed for millenia, and aware that those impacted by those withdrawals will undoubtedly far outnumber those who benefit from the redefinition of a universal human institution, there is still a push to change the definition of that institution. 

The collateral damage in this epic battle over the definition of marriage, gender, and sexuality is going to be huge.  So huge, that I suspect the damage isn’t really collateral at all.  There are no unaffected bystanders in this battle. 

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