One World Everybody Eats

Almost a year ago I blogged about One World Everybody Eats, a growing idea in the way that people provide and receive food.

I ran across this article some time ago, but now is a good time to remind people that there are different ways of doing things than the ways we’re accustomed to.  Providing food for others doesn’t have to operate exclusively on traditional concepts of buying and selling.  Food is something that everyone needs, and it’s something that acts as a catalyst towards community and binding people together in relationship.  Ever notice how often Jesus is eating with various people in the Gospels?  Could there be something deeply spiritual in the act of gathering around food? 

My wife and I think so. 

We like this idea a lot.  Creating an environment where people are given good food, and the goal is that people get good food, not that a single person or a small group of investors gets rich.  I have nothing against the capitalist model of being monetarily rewarded for providing a desired service or product.  But I don’t see that it has to be the exclusive model at work in any given culture.  I believe that church communities could be crucial in facilitating this sort of situation, providing places where people are fed, where respect is given, dignity upheld, and everyone might just be surprised at what happens in that process.  We like the idea that helping people is more than just writing a check to someone else – that it involves rolling up our own sleeves and allowing ourselves to be transformed in the process of rubbing up against people. 

Providing good food – where the main goal is healthiness not expediency.  Where the expectation is that people sit down and get to know each other, not race in and out.  I wonder if this could be accentuated by defining a smaller window during which the meal is served?  What if the expectation is that  it’s truly a communal meal, where people arrive and sit down together and everyone eats basically at the same time?  Where the interaction and relationship building is as fundamental as the providing and receiving of nourishment? 

Something to play around with a bit further.  Somehow, someday, this sort of thing is going to be a part of our family’s life.  It will be interesting to see what shape it comes about in!

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