Hello? Come Again?

It was only two short years ago that the CIA assured the press that Iran’s military nuclear ambitions had ceased in 2003.  There was no shortage of additional criticism and scorn heaped upon then-President George W. Bush for his saber-rattling regarding Iran.  I’m not sure that any intelligent person honestly believed what the CIA had to say on this issue, and that would seem to have been well-deserved skepticism. 

Iran revealed today that they were constructing a third nuclear enrichment site which had not been disclosed previously to the international community, and which the international community was supposedly unawares.  Hopefully unsurprisingly, Iran is defiant that there has been no breach of their obligations to the international community.   Already the press is mongering about the historic shift in the UN Security Council, with Russia – perhaps recently encouraged by President Obama’s plans to scrap a European-based Star Wars defense shield program – seeming to indicate that they might support sanctions against Iran.  If they were to do so, this would put China in a less enviable position if they opted to vote against sanctions. 

The concern is that the site seems rather small to be producing uranium for energy production, but just the right size to produce one or two nuclear weapons per year.  And from a site underneath a mountain that has been kept hush-hush while international monitors were focused on known refinement facilities, ensuring that they weren’t developing the higher-grade uranium needed for a weapon.

The CIA assures us all that they’ve been monitoring the facility since 2006.  A year before they publicly endorsed the idea that Iran wasn’t doing anything wrong with it’s enrichment programs. 

I dunno about you, but that sounds pretty suspicious in itself.

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