Death of Language 3

Let it never be said that I refuse to acknowledge if someone disagrees with me. 

After several posts on the atrocious writing skills in general of many of the students I encounter, I ran across this little blurb that would seem to, if not contradict, at least cast a different light on the discussion.  Reading and Writing journal published an article that says spelling goes the other way – good spellers of traditional English are good spellers of chatspeak.  Those who  spell poorly in the English language make similar areas in chatspeak. 

However there’s more to communication than just spelling.  Punctuation, grammar, syntax – all of these elements seem to be falling by the wayside, and this article does not (at least in the abstract) deal with those aspects of writing.  It would be interesting to do a study that tracked how students wrote and spelled prior to learning textese, and then follow up once they had begun to do significant amounts of texting. 

2 Responses to “Death of Language 3”

  1. Marie Says:

    Actually, that’s probably a great point. Or how about this one (which I don’t think I believe) — it’s not that more people write badly these days, it’s that more people write these days so the 60% that write poorly makes for a larger number of poorly written texts?With this comment being a case in point?

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    Always the optimist, are we? ;-pI wonder if people are writing more these days or less.  There are more than a few folks out there who assert we’re living in the beginnings of a post-literate society, where reading and writing are replaced with listening and watching.  Tragically, more people appear able to publish books these days, and that’s truly a crime from which publishing in general isn’t going to soon recover.  But that could just be my bitter envy speaking!

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