One Tequila, Two

Faced with a crushing level of apathy and writer’s block, I’ll simply let you know that the Trader Joe’s 100% Agave tequila is definitely passable for margarita makin’.  I haven’t sipped it yet to see how it fares against better-known (and more expensive) 100% agave options, but for $20 it’s very respectable thus far.  

Normally buying a store-brand tequila is a sure way to earn yourself a trip to the emergency room, but based on TJ’s strong $3 Buck Chuck wine reputation, I knew that this was going to be better than a bottle of Jose Cuervo by a LONG shot.  Since tequila has to be registered with a licensed producer to be called tequila, one enterprising blogger identified the source for this tequila (  

Carry on.

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