Bucking the Stop

This is not an anti-Sotomayer critique.  

It is, however, a lament that people can be so quick to change their behaviors in an effort to gain something.
Sotomayer has resigned membership in the Belizean Grove (http://www.belizeangrove.com/), an all-woman’s club based in New York.  The club’s web site touts it as a networking and mentoring organization for successful women.  
Sotomayer indicates that she sees no problem with being a member of this group (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/20/us/politics/20grove.html?ref=politics), and yet has resigned after Republican’s balked at her membership in it.  She is not listed on the “partial” membership list on the group’s web site, but there was an impressive array of women in a broad range of fields – including a high ranking US Military person.  
My question is if you don’t think it’s a problem, why resign?  This might streamline her confirmation process – or at least she seems to think it might.  And yet, I tend to think that someone willing to profess one belief but act in a contrary manner is making a statement that I’m not sure I can respect.  I’d have had a lot more respect if Sotomayer had politely directed the Republicans to something that might actually matter in their investigations of her background.  
This seems like a very minor issue – unless there are other aspects about the Belizean Grove that I’m not aware of.  The organization is low-key enough to have generated very few query results on Google that aren’t the web site itself, Wikipedia’s very brief description of the organization, or articles written in the last few days about Sotomayer’s decision.  
Why is it wrong for women to hang out together?  Why is it wrong for men to hang out together?  I would assume that Sotomayer would, based on her membership to this group, have no problems with equivalent all-male organizations.  So as long as she is not advocating some sort of double standard, I don’t get the problem.  
What we need most of all are some influential people with enough common sense to start saying ‘Enough’ to the elaborate and pretty much unwinnable Dance of Political Correctness.
That would be the sort of person I could support – whether as a Supreme Court justice nominee, or a president.  Tragically, I doubt I’ll have one to vote for in my lifetime.

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