And Now, For Something Completely Different


This first picture is facing West.  To the right is a portable building, and straight ahead behind the trees is our Fellowship Hall.  The building in the upper left corner is our school building, the bottom floor of which is being leased out to an agency that provides programs & training for special needs adults.

The overall size of the plot is about 40′ x 50′.  We have two such plots that have had soil amendment & top soil added prior to being rototilled.  A third area the same size has not been improved yet, but could be perhaps the next go around.  
The next photo looks across over the two readied plots.  Our preschoolers are going to plan some pumpkins & watermelon in the second patch.  The light strip between the two plots and on the far side of the second prepared plot are concrete sidewalks.  They had been poured to reach the portable buildings that the charter school that was leasing our grounds for a year installed.  They didn’t take out the sidewalks when they left, but we’re making the best of them.
We’ve planted string beans, snap peas, sweet corn, bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, carrots, a lavendar bush, some cilantro, rosemary, mint, and thyme.  We’ll also be planting some onions, and then there will be some pumpkins & watermelon in the second patch.  We’ll also plant some bordering flower beds including sunflowers to make the area look a little nicer.  I’m sure glad we have some gardening experts excited about this project, because I don’t know nearly enough about gardening!

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