I don’t Twitter.

I don’t ever anticipate having the slightest desire to Twitter.  
This video sums up my feelings about the whole Twitter phenomenon.   Which, I would like to say for the record, should probably burn itself out of our consciousness by the end of this year.  Then again, I predicted that CDs were going to be known as the “8-tracks of the 90s” back in about 1990.  So I wouldn’t advise taking my predictions too seriously.
The problem with Twitter – other than it’s complete and utter pointlessness – is that people are ill-equipped these days to know how to use it intelligently.  As articles like this so aptly point out, people have a hard time understanding what is appropriate to share, when, where, and to whom.  As we become more isolated from other people, our attempts to connect with other people – no matter how shallowly – begin to misfire more and more.  We become so accustomed to compartmentalizing our lives into mutually exclusive domains, that we forget that our precious technology often spans these domains and binds them together in frightening or at least potentially embarrassing ways.  
People have ways of divulging their ignorance and lack of tact or common sense in so many more ways now, and to so many more people than ever before.  As hilarious as this may be to watch from the sidelines, I can’t help but suspect that none of us will be laughing about these things for long.

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