All Hail the Messiah

I can’t understand why people who profess to be intelligent – far more intelligent than the rest of us, they say – can be so completely and totally enslaved to a cult of personality.

This gentleman, who apparently managed to free himself from the foolishness of Christianity, is now a devotee in the Cult of Obama.  
I didn’t vote for the Obama, but I respect the idea of an Obama – someone who is really an agent of positive political change.  So far, I haven’t seen an substantive change in how business is handled.  Corrupt politicians are still given exceptions because of how desperately their services are needed.  Lobbyists don’t appear to be losing any clout in Washington D.C.  Taxpayers are being charged massive bills to ‘fix’ the economy, and are being denied the accountability and transparency of knowing who got their money.  However, regardless of who occupied the Oval Office right now (with the exception of Jesus Christ, and He wouldn’t bother with such a trivial title), I would never assume that the person was clearly the One-And-Only-Providential-Savior-Who-Holds-The-Knowledge-And-Ability-To-Singlehandedly-Save-The-World.  Is it me, or is this guy’s rhetoric just over the top in a way that is more than frightening?  He clearly needs a savior, and he thinks that he’s found the right one in Obama.  
I believe that Obama wants to change the country.  But I don’t know how he defines change.  Is it the creation of a massive civilian security force to help keep the peace?  Is it rescuing us from the devastation of a Greater Depression?  Is it pushing us towards a European-style socialization of industry and health care?  I don’t think that these things are inseparable in Obama’s vision of our future, and while I wish to avoid not simply my suffering but the suffering of millions and billions of people in the US and around the world because of financial fallout, I am not at all happy with the price tag or the attendant issues that are being pushed forward along with fiscal policy.  I am not at *all* comfortable with the equating of dissent and disagreement with ‘suicide’, or worse yet, the mass murder that this writer describes it as.  As near as I can tell, people who study economics have no idea what will make a difference at this point.  To assume that Obama does – or any person for that matter – is ridiculous.  
Be supportive.  But such arrogance and condescension – whether from the right or the left – is ultimately pointless and dangerous.  It’s frustrating and ironic to have to tell people so committed to secular humanism and rationalism to use their heads.  

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