I’m a big fan of consistency.  Not the issue of how something feels, but rather, the link between actions and beliefs and thoughts.  The idea that we are to strive constantly for harmony between these arenas, and that what we believe has a direct impact on what we think and what we do.  One of the single most evolutions in the past 150 years has been the dissolution between belief and action.  

So I commend the group of students at Notre Dame who are protesting the University’s selection/acceptance of President Obama as the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony this year.  These are some sharp students who understand the bitter irony of sacrificing the foundational Catholicity of the institutions beliefs in favor of a big-name celebrity that makes the school look hip and cool.  While I can’t confirm that this was the actual thought process of university officials, it would seem difficult to come up with another explanation.  
I hope this is a reminder to other thoughtful folks out there that what we do ought to jive with what we believe, and overlooking glaring, monumental disjuncts in these arenas for the sake of some sort of publicity boost is a poor trade off at best.  It will be interesting to see if the school changes it’s mind on the issue.  

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