A chart detailing the top box office stars of the early Hollywood era seems innocuous enough, right?  

What I found rather disgusting was the commentary attached to it, as well as the posts that had been made below it.  What a bunch of pompous asses.  We’re sooooooo much more enlightened and encultured than those ‘hayseeds’ who made Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney stars, aren’t we?  Maybe not so fast.  I started doing some fast Googling around this topic, and it’s interesting the sorts of things you find.  I don’t vouch that these are any more than one person’s calculations, and therefore may not be accurate – but if they *are* accurate, how much brighter are we?
According to this site, some of the top ten grossing stars of all time include Kenny Baker and Warwick Davis.  Based on monetary standards, it would seem that maybe we shouldn’t be throwing stones too quickly at those ‘hayseeds’ in the 30’s and 40’s.   Seems like our generation and theirs appreciated a movie with some height-challenged stars.  Interesting.
A year ago, this list seemed heavily tilted towards folks in the action genre, but not exclusively.  
And then I got bored.
In any event, it’s pretty easy to sit back and enjoy huge leaps in technology and computer graphics and budgets that could feed a good chunk of Africa for a long, loooong time, and mock the folks who got all of this started in many ways.  Tragically, this elitist attitude isn’t limited to cinemaphiles, but seems to be prevalent in just about every arena of thought.  We’re so much more knowledgable/spiritual/scientific/artsy/what-have-you.  
At the end of the day though, we’re still people, and people haven’t changed all that much across time and geography.  We just make better actors, apparently.

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