Who’s Your Daddy?

I find this kind of perplexing.  However, it could just be that it’s late and my brain is not working, right?

So, while apparently the actual embryo itself is not considered a human being worthy of protection, bioethicists are concerned that the DNA material it contains, which is a combination of parental DNA, be treated in a manner appropriate to protecting the identity of the parents.  So, the embryo contains a human identity that is valid and recognizable – but scientists are saying that it’s the parents DNA, not the DNA of the embryo itself.  
I don’t get that.
The parents are real people, and they have unique DNA that is associated with their identity as real human beings.  They have contributed their DNA to the creation of the embryo, which now has it’s own unique DNA, which is not associated with the identity of a unique human being (the embryo itself).  However, the contributed DNA of the parents *is* worthy of ethical treatment since they are real people.
The embryo has the exact same kind of stuff as the parents, but the embryo can be dismissed as just a mass of cells, while the parents cannot, because they’re much bigger and vocal and treating them as simply large growths of non-human cells would tend to make us look like monsters.  But they both have the same material within them that is linked with their unique identity as human beings.
I guess I need somebody to ‘splain this to me.  Because it seems like one huge blinkin’ contradiction.  Funny, the bioethicist they interview doesn’t seem to see any contradiction though.
Must just be me.

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