Happy Daze

Happiness is big business.

More accurately, the pursuit of happiness is big business.  The actual experience of happiness appears to be getting more elusive.  
4000 books on happiness published last year?!?  That’s mind boggling.  And apparently, not overly effective, which of course is likely to just continue the spiral for more and better and more effective books on happiness.  We’re nothing if not persistent.
Have we always been this unhappy?  Or can this be traced to our unhinging of ourselves individually and culturally from a world view that provides us with a sense of purpose and place, that provides answers as to our proper roles and limitations?  Is it coincidence that the first generations to be broadly considered post-Christian also appear to be the unhappiest, the loneliest?  
More importantly, are we going to be able to admit that we were wrong, that we made a terrible, horrible mistake, and turn around and head back?  Or will we resolutely and persistently press on in the vague hope that a new sense of purpose and meaning can be found, all the while knowing rather cynically that it can’t and won’t?  

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