Community Garden II

I mentioned a while back that I wanted to pitch the idea of a community garden to my church.  Well, I did last night – officially.

Reactions were on the cool side, but certainly not a rejection of the idea.  As expected, the biggest questions concerned liability.  What if someone takes advantage of us in some manner through this process?  Granted, we live in a sinful world and there are people out there who are keen on taking an opportunity wherever they can find one.  Mention was made of a Los Angeles gentleman who allowed a vacant 14-acre parcel of land he owned to be used as a community garden.  When he informed the locals that the garden had to be shut down so that he could sell the property, he was smeared as a heartless man and had to spend some time and money in legally asserting his right to do as he pleased with his own property.
Frankly, I don’t think that situation matches very well with our own situation.  I pray that we’ll be able to come to agreement on this and move forward.  It’s important for churches to be involved in the lives of the neighborhoods they reside within, in very practical and beneficial ways.  We don’t have much in terms of resources, but we do have some space.  We ought to be good stewards and put it to productive use.

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