I Just Can’t Accept It

I know that I’m supposed to be tolerant of all beliefs.  But I just can’t accept them all as true.  There are some things I just can’t accept, and I struggle with that.

The woman is a highly educated professional who helps people for a living.  She is at a metaphysical crossroads of sort, the kind that often turn up when life seems to have reached or just passed a crossroad or a fork, and we’re no longer certain if we’re happy with the road we’re on – less traveled or otherwise.  
We’re taught to accept all beliefs as good and valid.  Obedient little post-modernists, we accept the teaching that truth is a matter of personal belief and perception, which of course means ultimately that there must be no truth.  One cannot hold two contradictory and opposite beliefs to be equally true.  There is no logic – unless neither one is really assumed to be true.  While this might work for a while for someone without any real sense of need for metaphysical truth, it hardly works for someone inclined to accept that there could or should be truth of a metaphysical nature, and the issue becomes sorting out what that truth is from among all the competing claims.  
This woman is honestly seeking truth, which is a lot more than many folks who claim to want the truth, so long as it matches exactly what they want it to be.  And the first truth she stumbles on is that if there is a truth out there, it can’t contradict itself.  If one account of the truth is actually true, then a contradictory account can’t also be true.  A is not non-A.   Tolerance is a fundamentally flawed replacement for love they neighbor.  

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