Forgive Me.

Surely there has to be some greater issue.  Practically anything would do, frankly.  Anything more worthy of thousands of people’s virtual indignation than this – a Facebook ban on breastfeeding photos.

I suspect this will be one of the historical assessments of the Internet  – that it provided an ingenious way for people to feel connected and alive and aware and socially conscious without actually doing a damn thing.  Another mechanism for frittering away time and energy – and even the awareness of a need for actual action, because the act of virtually protesting is seen as some sort of useful action in itself.
Which, frankly, it isn’t.
And I’m just as guilty.  Sitting here pointing fingers at those silly people getting all riled up over practically nothing. Yet at the same time, right now, there are homeless and hungry people in my own community, probably within a half a mile or less of me.  I could be out making an actual difference to an actual person at an actual moment in time.  But I’m not.
Mea culpa.  Mea maxima culpa.  

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