If you had roughly 20 minutes a day to talk to someone that you’ve never met before, what would you say to them?  For 20 minutes each day, they’re going to give you their more or less undivided attention.  They aren’t going to say a word.  They aren’t going to interact with you during that time, ask questions, ask for clarification, or otherwise even let you know that they’re listening.  You have no idea who they are.  You can’t even see them, to gain any sort of feedback through body language or facial expression.  You don’t know if they’re even really paying attention – you just have to assume they are.

What would you want to say to such a person?  Would what you say change if you thought you were speaking to 10 people?  What about 100?  What about 1000?  10,000?  
I’ve been toying with the idea of a radio ministry for some time.  I’ve always had an interest in radio, though it’s a much different animal now than it was when I was growing up.  But, for a relatively small amount of money ($2000/month, maybe more, maybe less), it’s possible to put together a digital program that’s fairly professional and will be aired on a local radio station.  It’s not the logistics of a radio ministry that perplex me, or cause me the greatest confusion.
Rather, it’s what to say.
I know other folks in town that do this sort of thing, and they air their material on the county’s Christian radio station.  But I’m not really interested in doing that.  There is plenty of material on the Christian radio station already.  I have no desire to compete with others in that arena, and I don’t know that I have anything terribly important or different to contribute to those listeners.  I’m much more interested in creating something that would be played (ideally) on a secular radio station.  Probably late at night, after their normal programming has ended.  I might be able to reach a different group of people.  A group of people that might not consider flipping on the Christian radio station.  A group of people who might be caught off guard by what they heard in the wee-hours of the morning, during their dark night of the soul or hangover or whatever.  
The question becomes, what to say to them.  Or more importantly, where to start, how to say it so that it can be heard.  How not to make assumptions.  How to meet them where they might be, and lead them to where they were meant to be.  That’s a big challenge, and one that has largely encouraged me to put it on the back shelf.  Partly because I don’t have the financial resources for such a thing.  
But mostly because I’m not sure what to say, and I’m afraid to mess it up.  I’m just feeling more and more that it’s time to step away from that fear, and just do it.  
So what would you say?

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