Binge Blogging

Apparently I’m a binge blogger – going for days or weeks without saying anything, and then indulging wildly for a day or so before going ‘dark’ again.  I don’t know if someone has coined the term binge blogging yet, but if not, I am.  And I’m also denying any responsibility for irresponsibly mixing metaphors.  

To whit, I found this editorial vaguely interesting.  Unfortunately, it too mixes metaphors and seems to contradict itself.  We’re obviously in need of being rescued from ourselves, yet are to also dig deep and find the divine within us that, to a greater or lesser degree, apparently is going to save us?  We suffer from ourselves, yet we are also our own salvation?
I don’t see me in the manger.  I don’t see the divine in me, and Jesus didn’t call anyone, ever, to recognize the divine in themselves.  He called them to repentance, and to accepting the change that only God could work in them, and then through them and yes, despite them – which would be the coming of the kingdom of God.  The entire ministry of Jesus – as the entire revelation of Scripture up to and after Jesus – is a witness to the fact that we cannot save ourselves.  That we are not divine in any sense other than reflection – and that this reflection is now distorted as well.  We are created in the image of God, but that image has been twisted by sin.  We retain our value as creatures of God – unique from all the rest of creation in that likeness we bear to our Creator, no matter how mangled that likeness has become.
But we aren’t divine.  We aren’t the implementers of justice and mercy and peace.  You and I at our best are simply reflecting for a brief moment, the glory of our Creator, and allowing that reflection to shine a little more clearly.  
Don’t look for yourself in that stable – you won’t find you.  But you will find something far greater than yourself or myself or all of creation combined.  You’ll find the love of God incarnate in human flesh, sent as a reconciler, the one who could be what Adam failed to be, and what no other human since Adam even had a chance to be – obedient.  Fix your eyes on that baby.  Fix your hope on that baby.  God with us, God for us – not God within us.

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