Still Breathing Heavily…

Well, the book hasn’t gotten much better.  Currently the authors are doing a quick and dirty deconstruction of the office of pastor.  Again, I’m fairly sympathetic here (despite my vocation as a pastor!), in that the New Testament is rather vague on the precise role of the pastor as differentiated from the body of Christ as a whole.

Still, when they make the broad assertion that all hierarchical spiritual roles are a direct result of the Fall, and completely fail to mention that God Himself creates the order of the Levites & priests in the Old Testament, it’s a little too much to swallow.  Once again, folks just want to ignore what God Himself has instituted in a certain time and place, because it’s inconvenient to their thesis.  Ridiculous.  You can cast plenty of aspersions on what the New Testament office of overseer or bishop or pastor looked and acted like without simply ignoring the Old Testament and God’s own way of arranging things.  Clearly, He sees some sort of value in a distinct clerical class, and this should be dealt with instead of ignored. 

Oh well.  I haven’t hyperventilated yet.  But I’ve begun skimming a little more, which is never a good sign!

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