Well, I’ve been busy.  After joining Facebook in February, I discovered an application called iThink.  iThink has allowed me to do more of what I had hoped to do, in just a couple short months, than over a year at MySpace did. 

iThink allows those who have loaded the application in Facebook to submit opinions – 250-character opinions, so you need to be concise.  There are a variety of pre-fab categories that you can submit your opinion to (Food, Real Estate, Religion & Spirituality, etc.).  Once you post it, anyone else who has iThink loaded in Facebook can view your opinion.  They have the option to Agree or Disagree with it through a one-click voting process.  They can also submit comments, questions, etc. in an asynchronous format, allowing ‘virtual discussions’ to take place.

When I first began using it, it seemed to be dominated by very aggressive atheists.  Now, it seems to be filled with very aggressive Muslims.  It’s a fascinating sub-culture.  But I’ve been able to dialogue with people from around the world on a variety of issues from abortion to euthanasia to sexual practices.  It’s not as though everyone agrees with one another, but to a limited extent, discussion is possible, and if nothing else, people are hearing a Christian counterpoint that is (hopefully) somewhat intelligent and respectful. 

I’ve committed a couple of hours each day to this project, partly through work and partly on my own time.  It’s addicting in a way I’ve found few applications to be.  If you’re on Facebook, you’ll have to give it a shot.  Maybe we’ll end up talking with one another that way!

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