Apparently, I don’t feel so good.

Emotional cauterization aside, I guess I just don’t adequately understand the concept of feeling good.  Because, Waitressis supposed to be a feel good movie, but I’m not feeling any better because of it, and I’m not sure who is supposed to be.  I hope that somebody can clue me in.  Truly.  If you can explain this to me, please respond to this blog!

Yes, the director was tragically murdered.  I can see people wanting this to be a legacy to her.  Maybe it is.  I’m just not convinced it’s a feel-good movie.

It’s a grim, gritty, unflinching look at the life of a poor woman married to a controlling and domineering husband.  She works as a waitress, and her gift is making mind-bending, palette-redefining pies.  This is her gift.  She enjoys it.  As does everyone else.  As an aside, this motiff really could have been more prominent throughout the story.  About the second half of the film (I think), pies don’t really enter into the story much at all – particularly in terms of how she thinks.  That’s a shame, because it was a neat little device in the first half.  The transition to the letter-to-my-unborn-daughter motiff is far less effective, if able to convey things much easier.

So she’s in an unhappy marriage.  Her boss is unappreciative.  She has difficult customers.  She has good friends in her two co-workers.  She has an affair with a married man.  She’s pregnant by her husband and is unhappy because the baby is another nail holding her down in her life with her husband, when she has dreams of running away and escaping from him. 

Then she has the baby.  I won’t spoil the film, but it’s billed as a feel-good movie, so you can assume that, since the rest of the film is largely devoid of healthy good feelings, there are some good feelings in the last 10 minutes or so.

But who’s feeling good?  Jenna, the main character, is the obvious answer.  It just seems so contrived.  So untrue to the very realistic first 95% of the film.  And in the meantime, her husband (admittedly a poor husband by a long shot) sure isn’t feeling good.  Neither is the married man she has an affair with.  Yet despite all of this, we’re supposed to feel good coming out of the theater that she surmounted the odds to make good for herself and her new baby. 

I dunno.  I don’t get it.  Please explain it to me.  Somebody.  Anybody.

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