Velvet Elvis pgs. 165-168, “Serving Others” and “Good News”

I love “Serving Others”.  If only more congregations and churches could hear this and live this.  How differently Christ would be viewed today!

And I like how he begins in “Good News” as well.  However, we as the church are faced with the conundrum.  We do have an agenda.  We are commissioned.  Matthew 28 and the Great Commission can’t be ignored.  Can’t be forgotten or set aside.  We love, and we should love everyone.  But we also love knowing that the ultimate form of love is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to pray and love that other person, not that they will simply be blessed in worldly ways through our living out of our Christian faith,  but that the other person would allow the Holy Spirit to work inside of them to bring faith. 

So the question about is it love if there’s an agenda seems to put us in a bad spot.  It assumes that any goal or agenda must be wrong and therefore must eliminate love.  I would disagree.  I disagree because the same savior who said “Love your neighbor as yourself” also said “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  Therefore, these two things can’t be contradictory, no matter how the world might choose to make them so. 

The rest of this section is golden.  Beautiful.  Hope-instilling.

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