Accountable to What?

So what does this mean?  What do these people want, exactly?  His resignation?  Money?  What?

How many of us modify our daily routines when we hear that the national terror alert has been elevated?  Even if the alert is specifically oriented towards our city? 

This was a terrible tragedy.  It will always remain a terrible tragedy.  But the issue of accountability makes it sound as though this one man, or some group of administrators, could have reacted in a way to avoid this situation.  It’s another example of our insistence that we be safe.  Always.  And if we aren’t, somebody is going to pay.  Somehow.  Some way. 

It ignores the fact that a lone person who goes off the deep end is pretty much impossible to stop from beginning to carry out their plans unless they happen to carry them out in a police station.  Crimes occur every day.  In virtually every place.  Should a major university shut down every time a crime is committed on it’s campus?  What sorts of crimes does it shut down for?  Theft?  Rape?  Assault?

Let’s assume that it only shuts down for a killing.  Should it shut down only if the killing occurs on campus?  What if it occurs across the street?  Down the block?  Where is the line of demarcation?  Where does the accountability end? 

In reality, what the heck did the president literally know about this situation?  It’s easy to point out blame in retrospect.  Sometimes that’s appropriate.  Most times, it’s just pointless.  It doesn’t help anyone.  It doesn’t bring anyone back from the dead.  And ultimately, it doesn’t stop the next whacko from going off the deep end and going on a killing spree.  And, according to other excerpts from the report which the parents are conveniently ignoring, even if things had been done differently, (, it probably wouldn’t have made a lot of difference in this particular shooting.

Tragedy happens.  Every day.  Sometimes it happens to us.  And it’s tragic.  But we have to stop living in our fairy tale world where tragedy can be avoided, mitigated, stopped.  We need to stop living in a fantasy-land where terror on an individual or global level can be weeded out, destroyed, defused.  It ain’t gonna happen.  No matter how much money we spend.  No matter how much freedom we surrender.  No matter what trade-offs we make. 

I feel for the families of the students who died.  I can’t imagine their grief and their horror.  But I hope that they better channel those feelings, that loss.  Honor the dead, but adding to the body count doesn’t bring anybody back.  Nobody can bring anybody back from the dead.

Only Christ can do that.  That’s what I’d like to say to these parents.  They can’t bring back their children.  They can’t prevent other parents from experiencing the same loss.  All they can do is trust in the savior that promises to restore all such losses.  Teach your children about being safe.  But teach them about Jesus as well. 

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