Velvet Elvis pgs. 110-116, “My Soul”

I don’t care for this particular section, as it delves into issues of personal mental/spiritual/emotional health that, while tangential to the overall systematics of the book, are still, ultimately, only tangential.  Is he right?  Sure.  But the focus shifts back to me, me, me. 

Yes, salvation is wholistic.  It should permeate every aspect of our lives, not just the slice of pie we have set aside from our week as Sunday morning.  Too many Christians can’t handle this concept.  It implies that we aren’t perfect.  That we have some serious flaws.  That we need help.  And tragically, churches are more often than not, not the places to get help.  Churches become the place where weaknesses are discussed and gossiped over instead of prayed over.  If everyone else has a smiley-face mask on all the time, how can I dare to reveal how hurt and confused and panicked I am.  I pull on my smiley-face and fake it with everybody else.

There could be more focus in this section, more tie-in to the fact that it isn’t us who kill our superpastor, or whatever that entity may be called in ourselves.  WE can’t do it.  We don’t have the guts.  We don’t have the resolve. And at a certain level, we don’t want to do it.  We still believe the lies he tells us.  We still believe that we could do it all, be it all, if we just worked a little harder. 

But we can’t.  Only the Holy Spirit can kill that entity within us, can silence his lies.  We have to allow it, but only the Spirit can accomplish it.  So, for God’s sake, please allow the Spirit to kill it.  And then the Spirit will move on and want to kill something else in you that you hadn’t expected.  And you’re going to need to let him do that as well.  And when he’s done there, he’ll point out another aspect that needs to go.  The process never ends.  So best to get started with it now.

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